90 Days No Payments

It would be easy to think the prudent decision should be to wait until after the Coronavirus crisis is behind us to make a housing decision. I can assure you that the best opportunities prisent themselves during periods of uncertainty.

We want to add some certainty in these uncertain times. We are certain that our clearance priced homes will never be cheaper. We are certain that interest rates are approaching record lows. We are certain that you deserve some financial relief. We have worked with our lending partners to extend a 90 day payment relief period with all new home purchases.

Now you just need to determine if you want to shop from home and buy from home OR schedule a personal isolated tour of homes. We have Zoom meeting consultations with virtual tours or one of our housing consultants can provide a personal tour at your convenience. We have added additional protocols to protect our home shoppers.

Call 1 (877) 895-4203 and let us know how we can best help you.