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Considering moving to Tampa, Florida? Manufactured homes, modular homes, and prefabricated homes can offer some of the most cost-effective housing options, without sacrificing luxury. Tampa has been featured on multiple cities regarding preferred cities to live in. With a population of about 335,000, Tampa is the 17th largest urban area in the United States. The average cost of a site-built home in Tampa is $183,200, and home values have increased 14.6% over the past year; this makes a manufactured home, or modular home a fantastic option for any would-be Florida home buyer. The average price for a prefabricated home, or manufactured home in Tampa can range anywhere from $65-100 per square foot—this makes modular housing one of the most affordable options for buyers in the area. AAA Manufactured Housing builds quality modular homes and manufactured homes serving the state of Florida. Considering Florida’s climate, purchasing a custom-built home that is manufactured indoors, in a temperature-controlled atmosphere, can be crucial to minimizing long-term maintenance.

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