Factory built for you!

There are no compromises with manufactured and modular homes. Titan’s next generation of factory-built, locally-made homes is being crafted with the quality and durability you would’ve once only expected from a site-built house. With customizable layouts and features – and surprisingly affordable mortgage financing options – you can make your dream home a reality.

Quality built

Built To Rigorous Federal Safety Standards • Built With Highest Quality Materials • Built To Withstand All Climates

Today's manufactured homes are built with the same durable materials used in site-built houses, but in a controlled, factory environment. Thanks to this craftsman-driven construction process, there are no concerns about weather slowing down your build or exposing your new home to quality concerns.
Custom built

Built To Meet Your Lifestyle • Built With Luxury Upgrades • Built For The Future

Want a baker’s kitchen with stainless steel appliances? How about crown moulding in the living room or a soaking tub in the bath? Almost any custom amenities available in site-built homes, like upgraded kitchens & bathrooms, high pitched roofs, and front & back porches are available for you to make the right choices for your unique home.
Built-in value

Built To Save You Money • Built To Make “Going Green” Affordable • Built With Efficient, Cost-Effective Factory Construction

Manufactured homes like Titan’s can be much more affordable than site-built homes—up to 45 percent less expensive, minus land—because of the construction process. Building a home in a factory environment means cost savings from buying materials in bulk to greatly reduced waste without sacrificing quality. Workers are on the job, rain or shine, putting you in your new home faster and for far less money.

Your dream home, delivered

Built for the long haul

Quality is the law for factory-built houses. Manufactured and modular homes like Titan are held to rigorous production standards at both the federal and state level, making them the most regulated — and quality-tested — form of housing in today’s housing marketplace. And when it comes to severe weather, a 2014 study proved that properly installed factory-built homes are as safe as site-built homes during a storm, and in some cases, perform even better against high winds. That’s because your new home will be constructed by skilled local craftspeople that take immense pride in putting you in a home that’s built to last. With proper maintenance, factory-built homes hold their value just like site-built counterparts, ensuring you’ll be building equity for years to come.

Financing options

Built for your bottom line

Buying your dream home is an affordable reality thanks to the wide-ranging financing options available for factory-built Titan houses. And that’s before you even consider our promotions, upgrades, and upfront discounts!

Diverse loan options

Choose from a wide selection, including conventional mortgages, FHA, VA, CMFA, and USDA.

Financing with land?

Homes may be eligible for traditional 30-year mortgages, and homes built to HUD code can be financed with – or without – land.

Low down payments

Enjoy affordable payments as low as 3 percent, or 0 percent with land equity!

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Special financing options are available for qualifying customers.

From their high-quality, personalized construction to affordable financing options, manufactured housing turns homeownership dreams into reality.